Moms have gotten tired of the office grind and trying to raise a family all in one so many moms are finding lots of opportunities to work at home by finding other income streams and being extremely creative entrepreneurs. There are literally thousands of opportunities for work at home moms to get into from selling make up, to hosing home parties for a variety of products from jewelry to candles, to learning real estate to home bookkeeping to just about anything else you can make money with.

But moms have to watch out for all of the work at home scams that are so prevalent on the internet today. The most common of these types of scams are supposed work at home jobs. Many companies and scammers will place ads on the net promising some sort of assembly job where you have to buy a kit of parts to get started. What happens then is that after the parts are assembled, they are supposed to be sold back to the original seller or sold door to door. It often turns out that the products are inferior and the merchant refuses to buy them back or they are something that no one really wants and the unsuspecting mom eventually sees that she can’t sell anything.

Other scams include paying money to join a job search board. The truth is, no one should charge you to look for a legitimate job. It is usually up to the employer to pay for listing a true job opportunity. Real employers would never charge anyone to look through their available jobs. They want people to actually apply for their job postings, does it make any sense that they would charge you to look at them?

Another huge scam that is hooking work at home moms and many other people looking for home based businesses or wanting to make money online is some such Work With Google or Google Money Tree scams. What these scams do is say that you can check out their system for free for 15 days or so by only paying a initiation or shipping fee for a free dvd of $4.95. What then happens is your supposed “free trial” begins immediately and your dvd arrives 13 days later not giving you sufficient time to check out the system.

Next comes the big scam. Because you gave out your credit card number and probably didn’t read the terms of service located somewhere at the bottom of the page that only 1 out of 10,000 people read, you will now start being charged $79 a month for the system once your 15 day free trial runs out. As in the csae of Google Money Tree, this scam was charging people somewhere around $90 a month for access to a forum that didn’t even exist. All you got for your ridiculously high monthly fee was access to a forum that no one participated in.

There are lots of free make money on the internet forums available for free and there are some that charge a monthly fee, but usually they are part of another program that includes the forum along with lots of other valuable tools. And the people that run these forums, whether it be about affiliate marketing or pay per click (PPC) marketing, are some of the top experts in their fields. They know what they are doing and they share their knowledge for the monthly fee you are charged.

If you are a work at home mom looking to make some extra money or wanting establish a big business on the web, please do your research and read everything and then read everything again so you don’t end up as a statistic of the scammers.